cooney construction, best contractor in marin, sonoma, east bay, oakland, san francisco






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We specialize in high-end finishing and construction that takes design and consulting to the next level...

cooney construction, best contractor marin, sonoma, east bay, san francisco

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We have high regard for the materials & design we implement, each component carefully chosen for your needs with beauty and longevity in mind.


We build relationships with our clients for life - this is why we are so highly regarded in our community, and why 90% of our business is referral-based.


our business

Since 1923, the Cooney Family has served Marin, Sonoma, and the Greater Bay Area in a wide range of commercial and residential construction, focusing in the early decades on hardwood flooring and adding construction in 1979 when Cooney Construction, Inc was started by Robert Joseph Cooney in Petaluma, CA. Today his son David John Cooney, along with his father in a part-time role, continues the legacy, priding themselves on the quality, craft and care of every project, just as his great-grandfather did 97 years ago, and his father and grandfather did over the prior decades.


Cooney Construction, Inc. has not only been around a long time, however, it has lasted through the years on mostly word of mouth referrals and has a reputation of being well-respected all over the bay area. Besides employing expert and talented workers, one thing that sets it apart is their capacity to self-perform many other construction trades besides carpentry and hardwood floor installation, though they work with highly respected sub-contractors on many if not most of their jobs. But it’s that knowledge of the trades that allows them to better plan for and complete your job efficiently, as well as to effortlessly adapt to any changes that might come up during the job itself.



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